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Dedicated to helping underprivileged individuals acquire gainful employment to foster personal responsibility. As our clientele are largely based in impoverished wards of Jersey City below the federal poverty level, the underlining goal of our program is to encourage an exodus from a life of violence and onto a path of honest, rewarding work.

What We Do

The staff members of Lisa’s Networking Group all hold employment with varying Hudson County agencies, and are therefore familiar with both the residents’ needs as well as the hardships encountered even while in compliance of state and federal regulations of public assistance programs. We work to break down the barriers that fuel the struggle.

Lisa’s Networking Group is a grassroots organization launched by founder, Elise Hokett in 2016. We are a small but dedicated group intent on appointing as many employment-seeking Hudson County residents as we can manage; to instill values like self-sufficiency and deter vagrancy and criminal activity in the community as far as we can permit. Our motto has always been “Get off the streets, Get into the workforce.”

Our Community Outreach Coordinator, Precious Bonaparte, was instrumental in organizing public outreach programs including uniform drives, backpack drives, luncheons for the senior community of Ward F, public seminars to attract sponsors and broadcast our vision. In doing so our relative success in branding ourselves and building a clientele base of over 250 was attained through word of mouth alone.


Our Recruitment Consultation specialist, Lisa Hokett scouts for available staffing agencies, hiring managers, and HR reps to ascertain hiring conditions, skills required, and vacancies available. The recruiters are filled in on the mission's work to feel out if their interests are being met and make their decisions accordingly.


Via public seminars and community enrichment events, our staff spread the word of our operation and where and when we could be located. Interested parties follow up by arriving at our establishment. We open every Saturday to the public.


Clients are promptly screened by our intake specialist, who assesses clients' needs, goals, skills, and credentials (residence, licenses, criminal records, drug use, diplomas, etc.). Clients are matched with corresponding potential job outcomes based on the eligibility/disqualifications yielded by the assessments. Pertinent documents from the candidates are copied and stored in case file.


At this stage our Recruitment Consultation specialist reviews the client's credentials and evaluates the respective courses of action, where then confers with client. The candidate's options are explained in detail and applications are issued for completion.

Resume/Cover Letter

Our resume builder, Ashley Ehokett, reviews the candidate's written documents for clearance. She builds resumes for clients who have never composed any, and tailors the ones for those who have. She drafts cover letters and explains the procedures of interview, advising the client on the type of information to convey to the hiring manager when selected for an interview.

Follow Up

Following the application process, our team monitors every move of the client and the hiring manager. We mediate any information necessary to the candidate seeking employment and log all crucial information in our data base to compile the statistics, including employment status.



Donate Now!

If given funding for our mission, we will extend our services to a greater network of staffing agencies and job readiness programs to institute a streamlined system for recruiting and placing viable applicants. We project a 20% increase in clients coming forward for services and a greater job placement ratio. In the works we have a calendar of events mock-up for the upcoming year to follow in preparing clients for prospective employers. With your aid and greater exposure we can introduce gainful employment as an available expectation for earnest job seekers of Hudson County.

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As our clientele are largely based in impoverished wards of Jersey City below the federal poverty level, the underlining goal of our program is to encourage an exodus from a life of violence and onto a path of honest, rewarding work.

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